Ruger Single Ten Stainless Featured
02 Mar 2011

More Rounds Equal More Fun With The Ruger Single Ten

The Ruger Single Ten is the first major change to Ruger’s single action rimfire line in some time. As of now, Ruger has only offered

04 Mar 2000

Ruger 77/22RSI 22 Magnum Blue/Walnut

The Lipsey’s Exclusive Ruger 77/22RSI 22 Magnum Blue / Walnut is the first Ruger 22 Magnum bolt action rifle to feature an international fullstock. The

14 Feb 2000

Ruger 77/22 RSI Stainless / Walnut 22 LR

The Lipsey’s Exclusive stainless Ruger 77/22 RSI 22 LR is the first Ruger rimfire bolt action rifle to feature an International fullstock. Since 2005, Ruger’s