At Lipsey’s we’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our organization or how to become an authorized Lipsey’s dealer.

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Q:  What are “Lipsey’s Exclusives?”

A:  Our exclusive firearms are Lipsey’s concept created special make-up firearms not found in regular manufacturer catalog offerings. These firearms are a culmination of research, innovation, and creativity melded to become unique “exclusives” only available to Lipsey’s nationwide dealer network. 



Q:  Where can I purchase these guns?

A:  As a consumer or non-FFL holder you can purchase our exclusive guns through your local Lipsey’s dealer (providing they have an account with us). Lipsey’s is a distributor (not a retailer) and does not sell to non-FFL holders or the general public.



Q:  As a consumer, how can I find out if something is in-stock or when it may become available?  

A:  Our inventory moves fast and is constantly changing. Especially in high demand times. Your best option is to use our dealer finder to locate a Lipsey’s dealer near you. They have the ability to view our inventory, order, and even add items to a wishlist for customers. They can also contact our sales team directly and get estimates on when a particular item may become available. 



Q:  I am a licensed FFL holder, can I purchase through Lipsey’s?

A:  Yes! If you are an FFL holder and would like information on setting up an account with us please fill out our easy online application here.



Q:  What is the difference between and

A:  Our primary website,, is the buying  and account management platform for our dealers to view and order inventory. This website,, was designed to be consumer focused and give a comprehensive look at our organization and a more in-depth look at our exclusive firearms.



Q:  I have an idea for a Lipsey’s Exclusive, who can I contact?

A:  We take in feedback and information from several sources when considering our next exclusive. Send an email to and submit your idea. And yes, we actually read them!