The Ruger Bearcat has been a fan favorite of the Ruger line since its introduction.

Until now you could only get a Bearcat with fixed sights. The standard fixed sights handicapped many shooters by removing the ability to adjust the sights to their loads or hold. The Lipsey’s Exclusive adjustable sight model solves this problem and transforms the Ruger Bearcat into a first class kit gun.



Any experienced rimfire shooter knows that 22 LR ammunition varies drastically not only from load to load but from different lots of the same load.  With the fixed sight revolver models, if your load of choice becomes hard to get or changes, you have to go through the hassle of finding a new load or be happy with “Kentucky Windage”.

The new adjustable sight Bearcats just require a few turns of a screw driver to get you back to the x-ring regardless of the ammo you have.

The all black front and rear adjustable sight also help reduce the glare from direct sun light that polished fixed sights suffer from.

Ruger Bearcat High Polish

Ruger Bearcat High Polish Blue with 4.2″ barrel launched in 2017

Stainless and Blue Ruger Bearcats

Rollmark Ruger Bearcat(s) with 4″ barrel in stainless and blue

Ruger Bearcat Blue 6" Model

New in 2017, Ruger Bearcat with 6″ barrel in blue

Like our friend Sheriff Jim Wilson says, “This is the way Ruger should have built the Bearcat from the beginning.”

Ruger Bearcat Stainless Closeup

Available in blue or stainless steel with a 4.2” barrel, the new adjustable sight is right at home on the range or on the trapline.

Key Attributes
  • Single Action Revolver
  • Roll-mark with Bear & Cougar (Select Models)
  • Transfer Bar
  • Adjustable Sights (Select Models)
  • Unfluted Cylinder (Select Models)
Production Info
  • Year Release: First Edition 2013
  • Production Status: Active
  • Suggested Retail: $710.00-$729.00 (Prices may vary)

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