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  • Lipsey’s Model: RUKBN-104X
  • MFG Model: 0474

  • Manufacturer: Ruger

  • Type: Revolver

  • Caliber: 10MM | 40 S&W

  • Introduced: 2017

  • QTY Produced: In Production

Exclusive Features

  • Single Action
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Included 40 S&W Cylinder
  • Rosewood Grips

Project Notes

The Lipsey’s Exclusive 10mm / 40 S&W convertibles are available with a 4-5/8” or 6-1/2” barrel. The all brushed stainless steel construction gives you a sixgun that is rugged and functional. Rosewood grips, fluted cylinders, adjustable rear sights, and a pinned in front sight are all standard features on these offerings. The extra 40 S&W cylinder gives you the ability to shoot the inexpensive 40 S&W that is plentiful on the market.

On a single action revolver, the cartridge headspaces on the case mouth which is why you can’t shoot the 40 S&W rounds through the 10mm cylinder. Since you eject empty shell casings with the ejector rod, you do not need moon clips either in the Blackhawk. Recoil in these single actions is extremely comfortable and allows you to shoot for extended periods of time without the fatigue caused by the big boomers. If you have always wanted an affordable 10mm revolver that is easy to shoot and cheap to feed with the extra 40 S&W cylinder, check out the Lipsey’s Exclusive Blackhawk 10mm / 40 S&W convertible.

Lipsey’s Exclusive Certificate of Authenticity

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Lipsey's Exclusive Ruger Mark II Deluxe Certificate of Authenticity

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