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The Lipsey’s Exclusive Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame is designed to be the ultimate small frame carry revolver. Featuring an XS Tritium front sight and dovetailed u-notch rear, the Ultimate Carry has sights that are easy to see with the ability to be adjusted. Regulated for popular defensive loads of today, the UC increases the effective range of a J-Frame revolver.

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Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame

Lipsery's Ultimate Carry J-Frame

The “High Horn” VZ G10 UC grip creates a comfortable firing experience that conceals as good as it feels. The improved trigger makes it easier for shooters of all skill levels to make accurate hits down range. An internal “Endurance Package” including titanium pins increases the durability of an aluminum J-Frame. The no lock Airweight frame creates a lightweight package weighing only 16 oz. Available in Black with Black Cherry VZ G10 grips, or Stainless with Black and Gray VZ G10 Grips. Both finishes are chambered in a 5 shot .38 Special or 6 shot .32 H&R Magnum.

This new Lipsey’s Exclusive collection is available in four configurations:

Features of the S&W Ultimate Carry J-Frame

  • MSRP $759.00
  • 5-Shot 38 Special +P
  • 6-Shot 32 H&R Magnum (also fires 32 S&W Long & 32 S&W)
  • No lock Airweight aluminum frame
  • All models weigh 16 oz.
  • XS Tritium front sight w/ green ring pinned to the barrel ramp
  • Black serrated U-notch rear sight dovetailed into the top strap
  • 38 Special sights are regulated at 15-yards w/ Speer 135 gr. Gold Dot +P in addition to standard pressure 148 gr. Wadcutter loads 32 H&R Magnums sights are regulated at 15-yards w/ Federal 85 gr. JHP in addition to 100 gr. weight ammo traveling 800 fps like the Buffalo Bore 32 S&W Long offerings
  • VZ G10 UC grip covers back strap for better firing grip
  • Left side of grip relieved for speed loader use
  • Grip bottom is flush cut for maximum concealment
  • “High Horn” style goes to the top of the backstrap for a higher grip and to reduce recoil in the web of the hand
  • Optimized hammer & trigger geometry and springs for a lighter, smoother trigger pull Chamfered charge holes for ease of loading
  • Beveled cylinder front edge for smoother holstering
  • “Endurance Package” upgrades include titanium pins for improved performance and durability for extensive firing
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Learn More About The Ultmate Carry Development

John VanZyck, owner of VZ Grips, stopped by the podcast to talk about one of the most prominent features of our new exclusive Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry.

Zack Kinsley from XS Sights and Andrew Gore from Smith & Wesson stopped by the podcast to talk about the most notable addition to the Ultimate Carry J-Frame.

Sight Highlights

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