The Ruger GP100 is the epitome of the classic cop style revolver of yesteryear. And it’s now available in the hard-hitting 10MM semi-auto round.

Lipsey’s added a fourth walnut gripped, blue Ruger GP100 in September of 2018. This big bore 10MM fit perfectly in a lineup that also includes the 327 Federal Magnum, 357 Magnum, and 44 Special. It completes a collector’s dream of owning these half lug 5-inchers that balance the perfect amount of heft and caliber.

Collaborating with Ruger on this 10MM wasn’t much of a stretch. In fact, it was a very natural progression in the series as the 10MM round remains a crowd favorite. It lines up nicely in the class with a beautiful Roper style walnut grip, gold bead front sight and fluted cylinder. Three moon clips are included which are necessary for extraction due to the rimless 10MM semi-auto cartridge.

Ruger GP100 10MM

Ruger GP100 Lipsey’s Exclusive in 10MM includes Roper style walnut grips, half lug 5″ barrel and fluted cylinder.

A major bonus to this exclusive is it’s versatility. This revolver can also handle the 40 S&W cartridge utilizing the same cylinder.

Production Info
    • Year Release: 2018
    • Production Status: Active
  • Suggested Retail: $869.00 (Prices may vary)

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