The Lipsey’s Exclusive Ruger 77/22RSI 22 Magnum Blue / Walnut is the first Ruger 22 Magnum bolt action rifle to feature an international fullstock. The Ruger RSI International stock rifles have always had a strong following with their centerfire offerings. We brought the first Ruger rimfire RSI to market last year with the 77/22 RSI Stainless / Walnut 22 LR and it has been a very popular addition to our exclusive lineup.

This year, we have added the 22 Magnum in a blue finish to give both shooters and collectors another great rimfire RSI model to choose from. The 22 Magnum has never been more popular than now with more loads being offered all the time. If you like the lines and balance of the full length stock and want a little more power than the standard 22 Long Rifle, this is the rifle for you.

Ruger 7722RSI 22 Magnum BlueWalnut

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  • LIPSEY’S MODEL: RU77/22RM-RSI | 18.5″ Barrel | 22 Magnum | 9rd Rotary Magazine (JMX-1)


  • Manufacturer Model: 7040
  • Year(s) Produced: 2013-2015