For decades, Ruger fans have been waiting for a five shot large caliber single action revolver. Introducing the Ruger 480.

Lipsey’s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore single action revolver enthusiast. Ruger developed the 480 Ruger cartridge for the large Super Redhawk platform. Sixgunners have longed for an easier carrying single action version that can push 425 grain bullets at over 1200 feet per second.


Ruger 454 And Ruger 480 Big Bore Revolvers

Side-by-side of the Ruger 454 Casull and 480 ruger revolvers.

Ruger 480 Close Up Attributes

Locking base pins are a standard feature on both models.

Key Attributes
  • Single Action Revolver
  • Locking Base Pin
  • Pinned Front Sight
  • Recessed Chambers
  • Transfer Bar
  • Unfluted Cylider
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Rate-Of-Twist: 1-in-18
  • 5″ Ejector Rod Housing (RUKRBS-6-480)
Production Info
  • Year Release: 2015
  • Production Status: Active
  • Suggested Retail: $969.00-$999.00 (Prices may vary)
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