The new way to interact with the Lipsey’s team and get a look behind the scenes. At lipseysguns.com you’ll find insight, reviews and stories on how we’ve collaborated with manufacturers that have produced some of the most sought after firearms in the industry.


Over the past three decades, Lipsey’s position in the firearms industry has steadily risen to become one of the top firearms distributors in the country. Today, the company leads the market in the collaboration and distribution of exclusive firearms. With a committed focus on relationships, Lipsey’s provides value and innovation to federally licensed firearms dealers and the industry’s top manufacturers. Check out the video and get a glimpse of the team that takes it from concept to store front!



NOTE: Lipsey’s is a wholesale distributor who only sells to Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders.


This site is solely for news, information and entertainment regarding on our special make-up firearms and topics that are relevant to our company and our industry. If you are an FFL holder and are looking to purchase or open an account with us, please click here to access our dealer site lipseys.com.


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