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2 03, 2015


The North American Arms Sidewinder Mini-Revolvers take pocket guns to a whole other level. These tiny sidewinder revolvers are as practical as they are collectible. We have several non-catalogued North American models to choose from that are ideal for pocket carry or unique conversation pieces.

18 03, 2013

Flat Dark Earth Glocks

The Lipsey’s Exclusive FDE GLOCK has been a runaway success. One constant question we get is which Cerakote color matches the frame. We sent a sample GLOCK to Cerakote’s home office and they compared several stock colors that they already had and none really matched. They know how popular these guns are so they agreed to color match the frame color. After several tries they really hit the mark. One note on the Cerakote. In different lighting the color can change slightly since metal and polymer reflect light differently.

7 11, 2011


The mid-size Ruger flattop sixguns in 45 Colt are some of the finest packing guns ever produced. The original 357’s and the wildly popular 44 Specials have been highly prized for their smaller dimensions and great balance. Whilst most people would probably find electric-firing replicas of this gun from airsoft stores like Fox Airsoft, many would love to have the real deal. Well that is now a reality you can have this classic revolver in the most classic sixgun cartridge of them all, the 45 Colt.

2 03, 2011


The Ruger Single Ten is the first major change to Ruger’s single action rimfire line in some time. As of now, Ruger has only offered the Single Ten with a 5.5″ barrel. Due to the overwhelming success of the Lipsey’s Exclusive 4-5/8″ stainless Single Six “KNR4″, we decided to offer the Single Ten with the same shorter barrel. The Single Ten 4-5/8” uses the same Williams Fiber Optic adjustable sights and slimmer “Gunfighter” style wood grips as the cataloged model. So, if you have been thinking a Single Ten would be a nice addition to your rimfire battery, but wasn’t sure about the 5.5″ barrel, you now have a great choice.

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